Peaceful Valley coupon valid until 4/18:
25% of 1 item promo code: SPRINGSALE
I just ordered beneficial nematodes because I found LOTS of cutworms in one of my raised beds and also in the garden. Make sure you order the right nematodes as there are several kinds.  I ordered “farm cheap celebrex size” since some gardening club members also have cutworms. ( valid until 4/30:
Place an order before April 30, 2013 and save $75 on orders over $500 or $150 on orders over $1,000. The more you spend, the more you save!
Promo code: GW1330
I ordered their 60% Swennson shade fabric for the greenhouse and it worked GREAT!  Unbelievable how much cooler it is now and how much less I have to water.
So now I’m going to order a 26′ x 40′ piece for the hoophouse and I’m still looking around to see what to get to bring it up to $500.
I haven’t been posting much here because I’ve been incredibly busy, but I’ve managed to post occasionally at the High Desert Gardening Club blog.