9/12/12 UPDATED: You get a LOT more seeds at Baker Creek than at Peaceful Valley — NOT!

With all those coupons and deals I ended up ordering German Radish from both Baker Creek and Peaceful Valley (GrowOrganic.com).
We started planting root crops the other day and we got at least 10 times more seeds at Baker Creek.  While they’re not organic, I tend to limit my surcharge for organics to about 25%.  1000% — no way!
Of course we got the GrowOrganic seeds almost free because we used the $10 off coupon, but in the future I’ll use those types of coupons on OTHER products, not seeds.  In fact, I already used the last coupon to order inoculant.  They have some great stuff at GrowOrganic.
I like that Baker Creek lists the weight or number of seeds in each package.
Updated 9/12/12:
Peaceful Valley is sending us some more seeds and they wanted to know how many seeds we actually got.  So we brought out the seed box and noticed that the German Radish pack was supposed to have 250 seeds (it does also say so on the web with the details), but on the package that was CROSSED OUT.
So it looks like we accidentally got a package that was not intended for resale.  We don’t know for sure how many seeds we got since we planted a few, have about 40 seeds now.
Baker Creek states that you get 200 – 500 seeds in a package and I guess we got lucky and got a really full pack.
Isn’t that something, the one time I accidentally order duplicate seeds from different companies it turns into all this confusion just because I decide to check where you get more seeds.   Next time I’ll just compare the seed count on the web — if I really want to know.
I hope this got all straightened out now!

3 Replies to “9/12/12 UPDATED: You get a LOT more seeds at Baker Creek than at Peaceful Valley — NOT!”

  1. First of all, thank you for being a great friend to GrowOrganic/Peaceful Valley. We appreciate your support here on your blog, in your continuing business and in your feedback. We always want to hear the whole range of feedback. We’re so sorry you were disappointed in the number of radish seeds. We will gladly ship you a 2nd or even 3rd pack of seeds. We’ll be publishing that offer, too, as part of our upcoming 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed policy (it’s not just for bloggers). Please email us at HelpDesk@groworganic.com so we can get the additional seeds out to you ASAP. The number of seeds we put in a pack is the amount that gardeners have told us they can use in an average home garden. Based on changing needs in home gardens we’ll be increasing the number of seeds per pack in some varieties next year. Wishing you a bountiful garden!

  2. I’m VERY impressed that you actually search for reviews and respond. That rarely happens and I sure appreciate it!
    Also, I will email your help desk as you recommended and not because we grow that many radishes (I really got carried away ordering several varieties), but we have a gardening club and we give seeds to our members.
    We’re trying to get as many people as possible started with at least a raised bed and everybody has room for a few radishes.
    Thanks again!

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