This is not a paid advertisement, more of a reminder to myself.  It also doesn’t have anything to do with alternative energy, but it’s related to being independent and proactive.

A few years ago a client told me about and since I didn’t have health insurance, I thought it might be a good idea to get checked out.   I had no idea that you could just order your own tests and at a fairly reasonable price.  Back then the basic test was only $69.   Fortunately, I was ok, but it’s nice to see problem areas, which supplements one should take, etc.

Subsequently I got the Blue Cross / Blue Shields insurance with a $5k annual deductible.   Started at $159 and 2 years later I was at $226.  I just cancelled, got no money to blow.  Wasted about $4k.  SHOULD have gotten a couple of these tests instead and bought more solar panels.

Obviously, a test won’t cure cancer, but the idea is to detect deficiencies or excessive toxins BEFORE you have a major problem.

Next time I got some extra $$$, I’ll go for one of those Direct Labs tests again.  Every health insurance should at least cover an annual basic test. But of course they don’t want that, the longer they don’t have to pay, the better.