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Artificial glaciers to combat drought in the Tibetan high desert

In the news section at you can find pictures of the 5000 trees they planted and watered with water from the melting glacier.  What a fascinating project!

If we could only store at least some of the water that runs off during monsoon season.  This year we got much more rain than usual (everything’s been growing like crazy!) after a dry June and I sure wish we could have a very deep pond.  The trouble is that digging is so hard. And then you have to waterproof the hole, not cheap!

Paul Wheaton from in Pasadena: Irrigation Free Foodscapes

I’d be there if I was anywhere near Pasadena as it’s only $5 for the 1st person and $1 for each additional person:

Sunday March 3, 2013, 6 – 8 PM

More Info

Paul Wheaton is also big on rocket stoves and I was just watching some of his videos, great stuff!

The entire schedule for the day with LOTS of good stuff including keeping chickens without a coop

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