The fruit trees are in the new garden area on top, except for the dwarf peach I’ve had in a pot for a couple years and we planted it on the hill before we fenced the new garden.  This is a picture taken today, it just started flowering.

We bought trees at Tony’s in Golden Valley a couple weeks ago: Peach, pear, apple, pomegranate and a pecan tree.

Jose dug large holes.

I got “black bush dirt” and black bush roots and branches, straw, we still had a little cow manure and had just made some terra preta (well, we tried).  We were so busy planting, didn’t even take pics of the fruit trees.  I’ll update once they’re flowering.

This is a holly oak we got at the Home Depot for $4.  We also got 3 African sumacs and 3 California peppers.  They were all about 7 ft tall, but still in a tiny 1 gallon pot.  The poor things were really root bound.  Hopefully they’ll grow.  At $4 a piece, it’s a great deal.

We took a  long time to decide where to plant the pecan and finally chose a spot at the bottom of the lot because there’s a lot less caliche.  Behind it to the left you can see the stake for one of the African sumacs.

We got done just before the SNOW last week, excellent timing.