Salad and grapes

Today we harvested our first grapes and we had a wonderful salad:

I discovered today that one of our grape vines has RED grapes.   I know I planted 3 red and 3 green grape vines, but in previous years we got only green grapes.  One of the vines that had not been doing well for years FINALLY took off, grew like crazy and here we are with almost red grapes.   I harvested them a little early because I noticed the birds going after the grapes and they already tasted delicious.
And we’re finally having lots of salad ingredients again.  Out of nowhere (self seeded from last year) came the arugula in one of our raised beds.  Not hot at all, but very tasty.  The large green leaves are probably perpetual spinach (living up to its name).  Our kale must be perpetual too because it’s at least a year old.  We added a few nasturtium leaves (have to plant more, love the peppery taste), onion greens, beets and tomatoes.
The hot June left us with next to no salad greens, but now that it’s been cloudy a lot (still no rain), everything recovered and is growing like crazy.

My Christmas salad — harvest from raised beds year round

Despite the awful weather and NO sunshine for about a week, quite a few tomatoes ripened in the greenhouse and the greens are from our salad beds:

12/25/10: New Zealand spinach, beets, arugula, lettuce, green onions

We planted the New Zealand spinach last spring and it just keeps on going:
12/25/10: New Zealand spinach

The New Zealand spinach (Baker Creek) produced all summer.   I've read that it's invasive, but it has yet to spread.  And we sure wouldn't mind!
Chards, beets, kale and a spicy salad mix in the new raised bed addition are coming along nicely too: Continue reading “My Christmas salad — harvest from raised beds year round”

The garden and salad beds

Took a few pics the last few days and even got around to uploading a few.   We take LOTS of pictures and it's really nice to be able to go through the pics in winter or next year to see what we grew where and how well the plants did.  You can click on the pictures for larger images.

The garden beds

We just planted the bed in the front with some peppers and melons and the other beds have more peppers, egg plants, squash, melons and of course LOTS of tomatoes.
The beds also have radishes, green onions, basil and “miscellaneous” plants.  I recently started to transplant the sweet annies out to the fence as some are already over a foot tall AND the mice don't eat them – there's no reason to keep them in the caged beds.  Still struggling with daily damage in the uncaged areas.
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