Cattail uses and recipes

Found this interesting page on how to harvest cattails and recipes:

Cattails (Typha species)
The cattail is one of the most important and common wild foods, with a variety of uses at different times of the year. Whatever you call it, a stand of cattails is as close as you'll get to finding a wild supermarket.

One of the new shoots broke off yesterday during transplanting and it really does taste good.  I think we'll expand our garden cattail pond or have several.  They'll make a nice fence, provide shade and a wind break and grow really fast.

Miracle tree: Moringa – drumstick

We planted several Moringa seeds last winter and two sprouted.   Both did not look good most of the winter and one finally died.  Of course we had them in the greenhouse, they had mites a couple times and it was touch and go.
A few weeks ago we finally put the survivor outside and it started to grow.   It's in one of the veggie beds now and unfortunately we can't plant it in the ground because it would freeze.

We planted a bunch more seeds, but NONE sprouted.  We would love to have several Moringas, keep them in large pots and overwinter them in the greenhouse.  And I'd like to plant a large Moringa in the ground in a sheltered corner, maybe it would grow back in spring.

Here is an interesting article about Moringas: Continue reading “Miracle tree: Moringa – drumstick”