Cattail uses and recipes

Found this interesting page on how to harvest cattails and recipes:

Cattails (Typha species)
The cattail is one of the most important and common wild foods, with a variety of uses at different times of the year. Whatever you call it, a stand of cattails is as close as you'll get to finding a wild supermarket.

One of the new shoots broke off yesterday during transplanting and it really does taste good.  I think we'll expand our garden cattail pond or have several.  They'll make a nice fence, provide shade and a wind break and grow really fast.

Attracting bees with cattails to pollinate your veggies

We got some cattails from a friend a few weeks ago and they are supposed to filter our gray water.   However, we haven't gotten around to waterproofing yet and the cattails have been sitting in a bucket by the house.  We noticed the MANY bees in the bucket and I've been waiting to add water until dusk, after the bees have left.
The peppers, melons and squash in our garden beds are finally flowering, but how are they going to get pollinated?
Since our beds are caged to prevent mice and squirrels from eating everything, the insects can't get in.  We used mosquito screen for most cages since that's what we had.   We often take the covers off the beds, but by the time we get up it's hot and the insects are gone.
Incredibly, it took me until this morning to realize that we should move the cattails into the garden.

We decided to move the bucket during the day when all the bees are there so that they'll move WITH the bucket.  That did NOT work out as planned and they're still swarming where the bucket used to be. Continue reading “Attracting bees with cattails to pollinate your veggies”