FOR SALE or TRADE: Seeds, seedlings and gardening supplies

Last updated 6/6/14


Members of the High Desert Gardening Club are welcome to seeds from our large selection of salads, herbs and summer and winter veggies at the monthly meetings.
Please let us know if you’re looking for something specific as we order seeds periodically from Baker Creek, Territorial, Peaceful Valley, Seed Savers Exchange, etc.
We currently have a large amount of Black Beauty zucchini, nasturtium and calendula seeds.
We also have SAVED seeds:
German camomile
Chaste tree
Various basils (possibly crosspollinated)
Organic Red Kuri (Hokkaido)
and a number of other seeds.


This year we need most seedling and especially propagated trees and shrubs for the adjoining acre Jose recently bought.
We grow seedlings without pesticides or chemical fertilizers in plantable fertil pots. We fertilize with liquid kelp, fish emulsion and vermicompost (from our red wiggler worms).
We mix our own soil and even the seedling mix contains some native dirt to ensure that the seedlings don’t go into shock when they are planted into our highly alcaline caliche dirt.

Pots, amendments, row cover …

We’ve been ordering supplies in bulk to bring the cost down and as we’re building more greenhouses and covered carports, we’re ordering bulk plastic covering.

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