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Lhoist Nelson — the lime mine near Kingman, AZ

I was thrilled to find the Lhoist Nelson mine just an hour outside Kingman AZ on the Hualapai rez near Peach Springs.

Back in January I watched the Women in Mining Youtube video with plant manager Jolene Leist.


Aug 25, 2022
Join Jolene Leist a Plant Manager with Lhoist North America-Nelson Plant who will talk about the oldest continuously mined limestone quarry in AZ. Unlike most traditional mining operations, we do not operate from a pit but rather from the tops of mountains down. We have been mining limestone at the Nelson facility since the late 1800’s and continue that tradition today. The Nelson plant is owned by the Belgium family (Lhoist) who has been in the lime industry just as long. The Lhoist family promotes a culture of inclusion and sustainability, which could also be considered moving mountains.

I sent a message to the Lhoist Nelson FB page, but didn’t get a reply.

Since I couldn’t find ANY contact info for the mine, I commented on one of Jolene’s LinkedIn posts.

When I didn’t get a reply, I searched for her on FaceBook.   Incredibly, she responded to my FB message and promised a call from sales.  I was so excited! 

But I didn’t receive a call.  And when I sent her another FB message, I didn’t get a response. I don’t want to hound Jolene, so I tried corporate again.

3/14/23:  Lhoist Nelson 817 732 8164:  Left VM for AZ rep to call me re. quicklime in AZ.

I’ll update if I get a call or future contacts.

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