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Pruning and propagation of fig trees

Have two 5 or so ft figs and it’s actually the first time I’m pruning.  The first fig has way too many stems.   The second fig was planted a few years ago and froze back to the ground the following winter.  Fortunately made it through last winter.   But we got hardly any figs.  May have been to dry.

Pruning might help!   I’ll get loads of cuttings for more figs.

Also mail-ordered a lot more figs last year and still have some in pots that never got planted.  May have to sell a few.  And hopefully get some pictures up soon!

Here’s a short video with overgrown fig trees and the basics on fig pruning and propagation:

And here we have the in-depth explanation – why and how.   Almost 16 minutes with great info:

Here’s a guy pinching his figs to improve harvest. 

And he’s so allergic to sap that he wears gloves.  Odd, nobody else mentioned that and I might learn the hard way.

I can’t figure out why so many people grow in buckets and of course I LOVE weeds and can’t imagine growing like this without any consideration for the soil, environment and animals.

Watch to learn about summer pruning and he does have really good-looking figs:

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