Territorial seed order and 10% off coupon

Recently I placed my first order with Territorial Seed after reading about the new Indigo Rose tomato bred at Oregon State University:

Indigo Rose

80 days. Unlike any tomato that we have seen! Indigo Rose is the first high-anthocyanin tomato commercially available anywhere in the world. The high amount of anthocyanin (a naturally occurring pigment that has been shown to fight disease in humans) creates quite a vibrant indigo, almost blue skin on the 2 inch, round fruit. The purple coloring occurs on the portion of the fruit that is exposed to light, while the shaded portion starts out green and turns deep red when mature. Inside, the flesh reveals the same rouge tone with a superbly balanced, multi-faceted tomatoey flavor. The indeterminate plants have an open habit and are very vigorous producers. Bred at Oregon State University. Also available as a conventional or grafted plant.

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Our latest Baker Creek order, more zucchini and fall veggies

Our latest order, ready to be picked up at our box in Kingman:

Item Sku Qty Subtotal
New Zealand Spinach SP102 1 $2.50
Zucchino Rampicante (Zucca D’Albenga) SSQ103 1 $2.75
Zucchini Squash – Black Beauty – 1/4 lb SSQ120-E 1 $7.00
Striata D’Italia SSQ110 1 $2.00
Zucchini Squash – Gray SSQ114 1 $2.00
Zucchini Squash – Golden SSQ118 1 $2.00
Thai Bottle Gourd ED101 1 $2.50
Bleu of Solaise LK105 1 $2.25
Carentan Leek LK101 1 $2.00
Giant Musselburgh Leek LK102 1 $2.00
Glory of Enkhuizen Cabbage CB104 1 $2.00
Premium Late Flat Dutch Cabbage – 1 oz CB109-C 1 $4.50
Nero Di Toscana Cabbage CB101 1 $2.50
Tete Noire Cabbage CB113 1 $2.00
Navet des Vertus Marteau TN106 1 $1.75
Red Round TN112 1 $2.50
Golden Globe Turnip TN101 1 $1.50
Purple Top White Globe Turnip TN103 1 $1.50
Rossa Di Treviso Precoce Radicchio RC101 1 $1.50
Rossa di Verona Dragon Radicchio RC103 1 $1.50
Subtotal $48.25
Shipping & Handling $3.00
Grand Total $51.25

I can’t believe we ran out of zucchini seeds. The critters must have eaten more than their fair share!
Our motto:
Plant a lot and plant often! 🙂

Our seed orders: Baker Creek, Horizon Herbs and Peaceful Valley

I’ve been wanting to post our seed orders for a long time since people often ask what we grow and it is interesting (shocking?) to see how much money we have spent on seeds.
Since we are determined not to grow any genetically modified plants and we grow entirely organic, we try to purchase our seeds from reputable sources. At least 99% of our seeds are heirlooms so that we can save seeds.
Occasionally we order seeds or plants from other sources because we can’t find them at our regular suppliers. The Hardy Kiwi is an example. I saw it featured at Baker Creek, but they were out of stock when we ordered and I finally found Hardy Kiwi seeds at Amazon and we have just a few tiny seedlings now. As the reviews indicated, they are difficult to germinate, but it’ll be well worth the effort as they will survive our harsh winters.
We also buy and trade seeds and plants locally and occasionally we even buy plants at nurseries, but most most of our seeds come from three sources:
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