My open letter and request for comments to the veggie hating Oak Park officials

After reading at Julie's blog about the counsel meeting and apparent SUPPORT of the counsel members for the malicious prosecution of Julie for veggies in her front yard and the dog licenses, I decided that Oak Park deserves its own blog.
I hope you already saw the documentaries I recommended to the Oak Park officials:

The email is posted at and it's about a lot more than veggies.
Oak Park really is Anytown, USA — with all the corruption, waste of public funds and government stupidity we've come to expect.

City of Oak Park dropped charges against front yard gardener Julie Bass

As first mentioned by attorney Jessica Newman (an Oak Park city official’s daughter), the city of Oak Park dropped the charges against Julie. Apparently city officials had received tens of thousands of calls and emails from all over the world and they realized that they did not have a very good case.
Today Julie posted that her attorney went to file a motion at the court and he found out that the case was dismissed. It happens frequently that court notices aren’t actually mailed out until a day or two after the filing.
So I consider that excellent news, although Julie is ill and not nearly as happy as she should be. Of course they could charge her again, but that’s EXTREMELY unlikely unless the city actually changes its laws and explicitly prohibits front yard veggies.
I’m very glad the charges were dropped and now we can move on to more productive projects such as finding out WHY some people feel that veggies will lower home values and we can focus on the big picture. I hope you will all take an hour to watch scientist and activist Vandana Shiva’s speech at UC Irvine. [7/2008]

This was three years ago and unfortunately, nothing has changed for the better. The American government is completely controlled by the corporations and the FDA and the USDA ignore the DOCUMENTED harm caused by genetically modified crops and monoculture.
I hope to get Jessica Newman (her letter to Time Magazine) and many local government officials to watch Food Inc., King Corn and Ms. Shiva’s speech. I am certain that none of the Oak Park officials have been bribed by Monsanto. I seriously doubt that Jessica Newman is on the big ag payroll.
Why do they feel so threatened by veggies? Continue reading “City of Oak Park dropped charges against front yard gardener Julie Bass”

Update: Oak Park City Planner Kevin Rulkowski v. Julie Bass and veggies

It’s for real. Julie Bass IS facing jail for growing veggies.
Here is a video interview with Oak Park City Planner Kevin Rulkowski:
He is trying to make it look like Julie is the one at fault by choosing a jury trial. He didn’t mention the alternative to the jury trial, having to accept a possibly corrupt judge’s verdict. The jury trial is the way to go.
Of course the jury INSTRUCTIONS are extremely important.

The definition of “suitable” will be crucial.
I looked it up at Marriam Webster: Continue reading “Update: Oak Park City Planner Kevin Rulkowski v. Julie Bass and veggies”