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Category: Hoophouse

Hoophouse in June

I’m finally getting around to posting the pics taken in June.   I made a HUGE mistake allowing the catnip and Chichiquelite huckleberries to self seed in the hoophouse.  TWICE we’ve cleared all the catnip out and...

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Bug ID?

These beetles were a bit larger than ladybugs and congregated on a pomegranate branch in our hoophouse. I put a little bucket under the branch and they easily fell into it and then I just threw them out.   The next day I found...

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Greenhouse and hoophouse update

We’ve been SO busy and I just finally posted an update with some pics of the greenhouse salad and berries at the High Desert Gardening Club site: Next gardening club meeting on 2/1/12 at our hoophouse and gardening update...

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