The only reason this DRAFT page is public is so I can link to the images in the Punch support forum. 

The new 10 ‘ x 20’ (interior dimensions) shed will include a “room” 4  – 5 ft wide on each end so we can efficiently cool and heat for mushrooms and hydro salad year-round.  In summer on the north side, in winter on the “southern room”. Cool, we now have names for the rooms. 

I miss my salad so much, but it’s just too hot to hydro-grow in the summer heat in the greenhouse or in the ground in the garden, and being off grid, we need to minimize climate-controlled areas.  Until my old blind dog almost died recently because it was so hot in the house at night (around 90 F), we only used USB fans for cooling.  Would love to build a wind cooling tower:

The “middle room” will be storage with peg boards, and hopefully, a work table, a wood stove, and still space for storing tools and garden supplies.  I know, it’s only 10′ x 10′, and that’s why we need to make sure everything goes in the right space.

On the west side (back) will be the outdoor washer, clotheslines, solar, water, swamp cooler, and maybe an outdoor shower.  And of course, more stored STUFF, hidden from view.  Hoping for a sitting area out front.

The rubble foundation got rid of a lot of rubble, and we hot mixed the first couple of batches of cob with quicklime (4:1, or 20% quicklime) to create a level surface for the 2x6s.  Initially, we used cutoffs for easier handling and marking where the 2x6s go, but now that we got the first two corners we can just stick board after board.  It took some practice and now we utilize 22.5″ blocks and got quite efficient.  But we can’t continue until we know where to frame the two doors (ventilation) and very tall ultra-low E windows. 

Here’s a screenshot of the Punch view when I select 2D and “Reset 2D View”:

I’ve already wasted at least half an hour because I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t display the dimensions.   It’s just too small.  I see NO purpose to having my default view unusable.  So, I need to change the size of the canvas (plot) to 30′ x 20′.

I’ve been searching at for “change plot size” (printing) and “canvas” (not found), but clearly am not using the “correct” search terms, as I find nothing useful and I know you can do it.

My post at the Punch support forum is moderated, so have to wait to post the link here.

We will be posting the cost of materials and pics of the build as we make progress.  Right now we just need to figure out our layout and walls.