7/4/22:   I just published this post now, had many more pictures to add, but never got to it.

The pic above is from 5/31 and it shows that I’ve had little time to cultivate and clean up. On the left is a cherry the gophers killed.

Haven’t even had time to take new pics.  Maybe this eve, although I’m busy getting sugar sorghum and hulless pumpkin seeds planted.  So late again …

6/5/22:  Been so incredibly busy and behind schedule, still got lots to transplant.   But all in all, I’m very happy with the garden, especially since I’ve had so little time.

Penstemon Sunset

This picture is from April but had to include it here because it’s so pretty.


Penstemon in April

Boysenberries and peppers

The boysenberry planted last summer is doing great and has already multiplied.   And they have berries too.  Hopefully, the lizards and birds leave a few for me.

7/4:  YES, I got to eat some berries! DELICIOUS!

Under the baskets are a couple of bell peppers.  Under the colanders are winter squash and/or watermelons.

Berries, peppers, figs ...

Berries, peppers, figs …

The east herb bed

A large willow provides afternoon shade and off to the side is mint in pots.  In winter I planted cabbage and chard, unfortunately way too late.   I already planted a few tomatoes between the cabbages.  In the front are radishes, onions and strawberries.

I have hundreds of various basil seedlings but may lose most of them if I get them in the ground at all.  Too busy.

7/4: The tomatoes I had planted had all their leaves eaten, no idea what did it.  The cabbages are STILL growing, in July.

The herb bed

The herb bed


I’m surprised it’s forming a head in this heat!  This variety seems to do better then the purple cauliflower that’s going to seed so quickly. 7/4:  It’s still out there!



Cabbage and Yarrow

I’m excited to see the lavender yarrow.  It’s usually mostly white and I don’t know why the colors change.   Am thrilled to have at least three large established yarrows.

Under the colander are radishes, hopefully.  Haven’t looked in a while.

The colanders remind me to water, it protects the seedlings from critters and especially quail, provide shade, and are a MUST HAVE around here.

7/4:  The yarrow is mostly white now.


Yarrow and cabbage

Cornflower and Pomegranate

Love those blue flowers with the red pomegranate flowers.   The cornflower barely survived when I planted it out last summer, way too late.  What a stunning surprise to see it thrive this year!

Corn flower and pomegranate

Cornflower and pomegranate

Fig with fruit

This fig has been really taking off!  Grew at lest a foot this year, I’ve been giving it a lot of water.

7/4:   I had to take the water tank next to it out of the garden because this fig is growing like crazy.  Hopefully, I’ll get to harvest some of the many figs!

Fig with fruit

Fig with fruit

The fig in front was completely frozen

It came right back and I’ll have to transplant the fig close to the fence.  Wish it wasn’t so hot.  Maybe I’ll wait till fall.

7/4: I should have transplanted it a month ago, now they’re so large, growing so fast and way too close together.!

The frozen fig recovered

The frozen fig recovered

The new tree was planted in winter 20/21

I can’t remember what it is!   I’m beating the birds to the fruit.  Found one on the ground a couple of days ago and to my surprise it was edible.

Now I have to eat a few every time I’m in the garden!  They look and taste like apricots, although still sour.

7/4:  It’s a mix between apricot and plum and absolutely DELICIOUS.   When they ripen the texture changes from apricot to plum and they are so juicy!

New tree

New apricot / plum tree

The new Peach Tree (2020)

It doesn’t have a lot of peaches, but I’m really hoping that they’ll be ready much sooner than the older peach tree.   Last year it had a few peaches too, but they disappeared before we could taste them.

7/4:  They’re getting bigger and hopefully will be ready to eat soon.

2020 Peach Trree

2020 Peach Trree

Parsley, thyme, fennel, berries …

The parsley is going to seed already and I’m hoping that I’ll have many volunteers in the future.  I’m so happy I made a couple of parsley dishes.  On the right is the fennel that took over the dill and fennel is growing EVERYWHERE now.

7/4:  Am still trying to get rid of all that fennel coming up everywhere.  It will be BANNED from the garden.  I’ve moved a few seedlings to the little pond and they barely survived.


Parsley and fennel

My most reliable fruit tree, the Peach

Planted in 2016, this peach tree has been a reliable heavy producer.  7/4:  Still have lots of fruit despite the wind.  Can’t wait for November to harvest.



Can’t wait for plums!

Last year I got NO plums, but it looks like we’re on track for another record harvest this year.   The plum tree has been an excellent producer.  The critters loved them too and I used to wrap the branches in Agribon (ag blanket), but two years ago the critters figures out how to get in.

7/4:  Tomorrow large fruit protectors should be arriving.  They just turned blue and the birds are already feasting while they’re still very sour.

The plum is loaded

The plum is loaded

Red Hot Poker

Got these plants from a master gardener quite a few years ago and even the gophers can’t kill them.

Red hot poker

Red hot poker

The Pomegranates are setting fruit

7/4:  The constant wind this year took a toll on the pomegranates and I lost many of the flowers.   I’m going to try to to water a lot and they should produce more flowers.

Pomegrante flowers and fruit

Pomegranate flowers and fruit