Apricots and tomatoes

We overwintered several of the Peacevine tomatoes growing in hydro tubs in the winter greenhouse.

SUCCESS!   They made it without any supplemental heating, being 6 ft in the ground (walapini) kept the winter greenhouse from freezing.  No single-digit temps last winter.

While indeterminate tomatoes, they all flowered and set fruit at the same time. But unfortunatley, they were seriously neglected, essentially just grew in water with no fertilizer and minerals and they were much smaller than usual.  But, still tasted pretty good and didn’t get old!

I love tomatoes, although I shouldn’t eat any since I have arthritis.   Planted a number of Peace Vine and Mountain Magic (Campari) in the garden — will post those pics hopefully soon.

Peacevine cherry tomatoes

The plum and the nectarines trees produced no fruit this year.  It was too cold and windy when they flowered.

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