A few weeks ago I visited Jeff and Shannon in Lake Mead City after hearing about their pond, poultry and fruit and nut trees. It’s great to see neighbors so dedicated to raising food animals cruelty free and I hope they will advertise “never frozen” chicken and turkey at our local Buy – Sell – Trade forum.   I really don’t want to have to drive to Vegas again to buy a free ranged turkey or chicken at Whole Foods, much rather buy LOCAL — knowing the animals have been treated well!
pondI LOVE to see water in the desert.  There are MANY fish in the water and it will eventually be pumped to water the trees — excellent fertilizer!
And here are the chickens and turkeys:


Bird of Paradise for shade and it’s also a nitrogen fixer


They also planted many fruit and nut trees:


treesWhat is this tree?Tree-need-id

koi-pondIt’s great to see our neighbors planting and raising animals!  Imagine what it will look like in a few years with all these trees …