Yesterday we attended the Dig-It Kingman Community Garden bbq and I signed up as an occasional monitor.  They are looking for volunteers to be at the garden for two hours to inspect the beds for any signs of pests, watering issues, etc. and to answer the gardeners’ questions.  More info on monitoring at the Dig-It site.
A great idea to keep the food cool:
It was delicious:
I hadn’t been at the garden in a while and I was amazed how much they accomplished:

They really have a great location next to the park and they’ve accomplished so much in just a year!
You can lease a bed for only $50/year, a fantastic deal because it includes water and irrigation is right at your bed.  The garden is chain link fenced and even if you don’t have a lot of time it’s easy to grow your favorite food because the garden monitors will check on your bed too.
More info on leasing a bed.
I hope the Kingman Farmers Market will do as well as the community garden!