Robb Fraley - CTO Monsanto

   Robb Fraley   CTO Monsanto

I hate nothing more than being lied to.  Monsanto’s officers and employees are expert liars.  In response to Neil Young’s recent album “The Monsanto Years”, Monsanto CTO Robb Fraley  compiled a number of Monsanto’s biggest lies:
Neil Young: We’re More Like You than You Think
I almost threw up reading Mr. Fraley’s ridiculous lies.
My response to Mr. Fraley:
Just because you repeat these incredible lies doesn’t make them true.  To tell Neil Young that you’re like him is the ultimate insult.
I try not to be a hateful person, but I sincerely hope that if there is a hell, Mr. Fraley, his Monsanto cronies and all the politicians who accepted the Monsanto bribes will fry in hell for a LONG time.
Here are just a few reasons not to eat Monsanto GM poisons: