Small Farm Summit

It’s free and I just started listening to yesterday’s replays:
Sustainable Small Farm Summit

CHRIS WAYNE : Stealing Market Savvy – Standing Out at the Farmers Market

RACHEL ARMSTRONG & LAURA FISHER : Common Farm Risks & Management

CRYSTAL STEWART : Holistic Management Decision Making

TRADD COTTER : Mushroom Cultivation & Production

RICHARD WISWALL : Farming Smarter, Not Harder

COACH MARK SMALLWOOD : Can Small Farm Organic Production Feed the World?

NANNETT CEPERO : 5 Uncommon Crops in Cold Urban Areas

TAMMY HOWARD : Goal Setting for New Farmers

LINDSEY SHUTE : How You Can Help National Young Farmers’ Coalition Help You

ZACH WOLF : Your Relationship to Soil Fertility Management

KEVIN EGOLF : Farmland Access Strategies for Aspiring Farmers

CURTIS STONE : Farming in the City – Intro to Profitable Urban Farming

STACEY MURPHY (HOST) : Understanding Your Finances – Tools & Strategies

DENNIS DERRYCK : Growing the Local Movement with Food Hubs

CONNOR STEDMAN : Five Research & Development Opportunities for Regenerative Agriculture

DRU RIVERS : Production Flower Farming

JOEL SALATIN : Business Strategies & Tips from Polyface Farm

$100,000 gross per acre? A great read on a rainy Sunday

I just finished reading this very thought provocing article about Paul Kaiser and his Singing Frog 8 acre farm near Sebastopol (Nor Cal wine country).  Singing Frogs looks a lot like my vision for our place:

We’re getting ready to build another hoophouse, although we’re hoping for more of a walapini (in ground).   I’m not sure how far down we can get due to the CALICHE everywhere on our property, but it sure would be nice to be able to avoid the huge temperature swings that are apparently a problem even in Sebastopol.  Paul Kaiser mentions 50 degree differences and we can easily have 60 or even 70 degree differences between day time highs and night time lows in our hoophouse.
I’m sure glad we finally got compost going and hopefully will be ready for chickens in a month or two, at the most.