I’ve been attending Master Gardener workshops for several years and last Saturday I enjoyed the fruit tree pruning class for the third year in a row.   Every time I learn something new or I’m reminded of something I forgot – such as using pine needles to mulch our high pH soil.   I just found this interesting post about pH testing of pine needles and they actually are NOT acidic after they got rained on a few times, but they still have a lower pH than our native soil 8.7 pH:
Pine Straw (Pine Needle) Mulch Acidity: Separating Fact From Fiction Through Analytical Testing
Yesterday the Master Gardener class in Kingman started and Hattie Brown gave a very interesting presentation on botany as well as activities by the Flagstaff Master Gardeners.  She is the Master Gardener Program Coordinator, University of Arizona, Coconino County Cooperative Extension and she is so knowledgeable.   I’ll have to email her links to plants we have yet to ID.
The Coconino Master Gardener Association has many resource links.
I’m already looking forward to next week’s class, FRUIT TREES IN THE HOME YARD.  Very timely, as we’re getting ready to order fruit and nut trees — right after we placed our wholesale berry order.   I’ll have to call the nursery tomorrow for more info on shipping and will then post details about berry, kiwi and fig seedlings from under $2.  My preliminary order has already 120 plants and I’ll likely add a few more.  If you’re local you can add to our order, stay tuned!