I subscribe to the blog of Angela in New Mexico and she posted pictures of their trees since they planted them two years ago.  The transformation of their property is incredible!
They watered only 3 times this year and we also got way more rain than we’re used to around here, although not until August.  July was incredibly hot and I hauled water just about every day.  Fortunately I’ve been installing drip tape in most places. There is no way that I could have kept up with hand watering.  It was amazing to get “real” rain every few days for a month when we finally got monsoon rains.

Rain Equals Life in the Desert

I wonder what the tall tree just left of center is.  It looks a lot like the “California shade trees” we planted by the gray water and they grew so fast.  What’s the real name?
I’ve been too busy to post much, but have been taking many pictures.   We just finally started up construction again and Monday the foundation for our living room / greenhouse addition will be finished.
Hope to have more time in winter to catch up on posting here and at our High Desert Gardening and Food forum.