Despite massive gopher damage, it’s actually looking really good in our gardens.
We have more peppers than expected, several Anaheim peppers, jalapenos, Black Hungarian and one plant with lots of flowers, but no peppers yet. So the hot peppers did ok, but we didn’t get a discount propecia rx single bell pepper.
We’ve finally been harvesting zucchini!
At least some of the tomatillos set fruit and we have a few more melons coming. Most of the melons got killed by the gophers and some of the fruit was scorched by the sun. Looks like we have several cantelopes and I saw one water melon.

Marvel of Peru (we think) in a garden bed with tomatoes

We planted many different varieties of tomatoes, but between faded labels and not being able to get to the labels we’re not sure what they are.
Two plants in our lower garden have been producing LOTS of cherry tomatoes and the upper garden beds also have some plants with nice cherries. We have a couple of yellow pear or grape plants and I don’t particularly care for the taste of those.
Planted two Al Kuffas with the grapes very late and just started harvesting those more acidic about 1.5 – to 2″ tomatoes.
In the greenhouse we’ve been getting some 2″ Crimson Sprinters and also lots of cherry tomatoes. And have a yellow pear that’s very tasty, but is not producing very much.
It’s been too cold for okra to do much, but the eggplants are still producing and as I recently posted, the Armenian cucumbers are doing fantastic.
Here are some pictures from the gardens:


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