Back in March Jose cut his hand trying to get a dried paint roller off the paint thingy. He used a 5 in 1 tool and it slipped off the roller and hit his hand.
That’s why you should ALWAYS push AWAY from your body!
I immediately tried to take Jose to nurse Mary in Meadview, but along the way I realized that she’s not always open and we stopped at a neighbor’s house to call. She was out for the week and so we went back home. It wasn’t bad enough for the 60 mile drive to Kingman and a huge doctor’s bill.
First we tried to superglue the wound shut, but Jose kept messing with it and it came apart and finally we took all the glue back off. We found 3 of the strips I still had from my squished finger and that worked quite well.
We tried to buy those strips in Kingman and couldn’t find any. We did stock up on iodine and gauze, etc. Nurse Mary was out of the strips too and eventually they got wet in the shower and didn’t stick anymore.
We definitely HAVE to get some more of those strips because they’re as good as stitches as long as you keep them dry. I’m sure this wasn’t our last injury. If you know where we could order them, please post.
When Jose arrived here a couple years ago he could have been a hand model. That didn’t last very long, with all the physical work around here.
And now his beautiful hand is permanently scarred:

Here are some pics of the cut:



Those strips are SUPER cool - work like stitches