Ouch!!! I squished my finger

Sunday we tried to load an old trailer frame into the pickup, but had to take it back out because it didn't fit.  So I was holding and pulling it back out,  but not far enough.  It crushed my finger when we set the frame on the truck.  One more inch and my hand would have been clear.
Since we drove by the hospital anyway, we checked the ER and it didn't look busy.  So we decided to have them stitch it back up.  And I really needed a tetanus shot, been meaning to get one for years.
So they wanted to x-ray and that took forever.  It was fractured, so they also prescribed antibiotics.
Fortunately, I was wearing work gloves or not much would have been left of my finger tip. Here it is after soaking for a while (a bit gory):

They finally stitched it and 4 hours later we got out of the ER. Here it is today, 3 days later:

Friday I have an appointment with nurse Mary to see whether it's time to pull the sutures.

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  1. Oh Christine! Do you have to be so graphic? Shudder. I was hoping to see pics of your salad garden. : ) Hope you’re feeling better.

  2. Anna, I put a little warning before the pics for people who read from the main blog and have to click on “read more.”
    It doesn’t hurt at all right now.
    But it’s COLD again. Down to 17 last night. Jose was mudding yesterday when a neighbor came by and we ended up yacking all afternoon instead of working.
    It’s sunny now and Jose started mudding again, the parapets up on the roof, but he just quit because the north wind is ice cold!
    We planted about a 100 lettuce seedlings earlier this week in an uncovered bed, wonder if any survived.

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