It only takes 30 seconds to say NO to big ag — act NOW!

Demand that your representatives vote AGAINST the fake food “safety” bill:
Action Alert – Stop S. 510 or prepare for the nutritional dark age
It only takes a few seconds to enter your zip code, name and address to tell your representative to vote NO to food fascism.
The Patriot Act was designed to control and humiliate the people and I sure hope I never have to get on a plane again.  The S. 510 Food Safety Modernization Act  is designed to eventually force everybody to eat toxic factory food just like everybody who wants to fly either goes through the body scanner or gets groped.
While we grow SOME of our own food, we can't produce everything we eat.  And it's not only about us, but who do you think pays for the medical care of the many millions of people with chronic and all kinds of toxic food induced ailments?
The $500,000 exemption for small growers is too low.
I looked up the U. S. Small Business Administration Table of Small Business Size Standards and it makes for some VERY interesting reading.
The LOWEST limits are $750,000 for crop production.   Compare that to Support Activities for Agriculture and Forestry at $7 million and  Construction at $33.5 million.  MANY businesses are only restricted to the number of employees.  Food Manufacturing allows from 500 to 1000 employees.
BANKS can have $175 millions in ASSETS and STILL be a small business!

Huge corporations get the benefits of “small business”, but the exemption in S. 510 is only $500,000, less then ANY requirement for the SBA.

When it comes to food safety, I have a different wish list:

  • No irradiation to kill germs, but production without salmonella and E coli in a clean environment.
  • Extensive TESTING of foods purchased at supermarkets for pesticides, herbicides, carcinogens, GMOs, etc.
  • LABELING of all products that could contain GMOs such as corn syrup and sugar — in BIG letters.
  • Require disclosure of ALL toxins such as MSG and prohibit unidentified natural and artificial flavors.
  • Stop the deceptive renaming of toxins such as Aspartame.

It truly sucks that I can't eat most of my favorite foods anymore.   Just about everything in a box or can has corn syrup and unidentified “flavors.”

Here are food ranger Mike's thoughts on S 510: Continue reading “It only takes 30 seconds to say NO to big ag — act NOW!”

Test results: herbicides in our straw, our horse manure is ok

I learned in the Organic Gardening Yahoo Group that most straw and manure is contaminated with herbicides and that the cheapest way to test is to grow some beans or peanuts.
I tried to follow the instructions at Bioassay Test for Herbicide Residues in Compost: Protocol for Gardeners and Researchers in Washington State and here is what I got:

10/3/10 herbicide test results

On 10/3/10 each pot got 3 beans (from a soup mix) and one peanut

On 11/1/10 I needed to make room in the greenhouse, I took the pictures and planted the beans and peanuts outside.

  • The first row is straw with a bit of  local virgin dirt. It grew one grass, nothing else.
  • The second row is Gro-Well mulch with a bit of  local virgin dirt.
  • The third row is aged horse manure with a bit of local dirt. One of the peanuts all of a sudden died.
  • The fourth row is a neighbor's garden soil (not organic, with fertilizer pellets).

The garden soil definitely did best and the horse manure also did ok.


The Grow-Well mulch supposedly did NOT contain sewage sludge (as their “organic” mulch), but we don't buy any Gro-Well products anymore because they are as vile as Monsanto. This was the last of the Gro-Well mulch and we bought organic mulch in Vegas at Star Nursery on Easter for $27/yard (We paid $45/yard for the Gro-Well mulch).
A few weeks ago we stopped to talk to a landscaper feeding his wood chipper in Kingman and we now have a source of FREE wood chips, pine needles and of course lots of native plant chips.  We just got our 2nd load and that's as cool as it gets.

We had purchased the straw at the feed store on Stockton Hill (Kingman), primarily for adobe.  I asked about herbicides and the guy didn't know.

We used some of the straw as mulch in August, thought the light color would reflect the summer heat.  I'm sure glad we didn't use a lot, mostly by our grapes after I planted peas and beans.  I wondered why next to none germinated in the part with the straw and now we know why.

Here's an excerpt from Leslie's excellent page about herbicides: Continue reading “Test results: herbicides in our straw, our horse manure is ok”

Azure Standard – GREAT deals on flour

Someone just reminded me about — I had looked at it earlier this year when the website was down and forgot to get back to it.  Now I feel like a kid in a candy store.
I already opened an account and I'll check into whether the free truck shipping is available for Kingman and I'll update here.
GREAT deals on flour and even on rye flour.

I've been looking for a good source for rye for years: Continue reading “Azure Standard – GREAT deals on flour”