We just harvested another zucchini:

Got the seeds at Baker Creek.
Unfortunately, all the plants from our first planting along the fence and in the three sisters bed got eaten by critters (we relocated a number of packrats and squirrels) and it was really late by the time we got the 2nd round planted.  So we're just starting to harvest and we're very glad only a few leaves froze in the beds when it got down to 28 degrees a few nights ago.I looked at our lower garden today and and the veggies really froze there.  Only a few leaves are left and we have several zucchini, squash and melons growing.
We're still doing better than last year when they all froze before we got anything.  It's NOT  supposed to freeze until Thanksgiving.  I've always had my tomato plants growing until Thanksgiving, that's when we expect frost.
So that's the second year in row it froze early.  We still need to buy a wood stove, pipe and chimney.
The tomatoes in the beds are loaded with fruit too and have MANY flowers.  We just ordered plastic sheeting to cover the beds. Hope it's going to stay warm for a while.