Two truly outrageous stories, but both may well be true.
Let's start with the news release about the WHO swine flu fraud, big pharma vaccine profits, conspiracy and MURDER.
I've heard Dr. Len Horowitz on various radio shows for quite a few years and he exposed the dangers of vaccines and was very anti-war.  I hope he's one of the GOOD guys.
Here's the news release:

Tetrahedron, LLC
Health Science Communication for People Around the World
Release: INCEPTION-1
Date Mailed: July 16, 2010
For Immediate Release
Contact: Sherri Kane–310-877-3002 ;

London–Drug industry officials blamed for conspiring against people worldwide in the fraudulent World Health Organization (WHO) swine flu campaign of 2009, are now linked to two murdered journalists. The conspiracy, in which a third of the officials on the emergency committee are now criminally implicated for promoting a false fright to sell billions of dollars of “required” vaccinations, extends worldwide. Additional American journalists are threatened in this developing story.
The first writers to bring the “PharmaWHO” fright and fraud to light,
Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, and Jane Burgermeister, are both in serious jeopardy from related reprisals. Horowitz has been falsely framed in the recent murder of Britain's leading financial whistleblower, Edward Harle (pen name, Christopher Story); while Burgermeister is fighting against attacks by Austrian government officials instigated by the drug cartel.
“The companies and officials now indicted for the swine flu vaccination fraud are the ones Jane and I fingered from the beginning of BigPharma's corrupt campaign,” Dr. Horowitz, the Editor-in-Chief of Medical Veritas journal, said. “Pharma hit-squads are now assassinating journalist/whistleblowers, and have the same agent provocateurs libeling Burgermeister and me hideously on the Internet and in person.”
Recently murdered journalists include Don Harkins, the
editor of the Idaho Observer, America's leading voice of BigPharma resistance, whose wife, Ingri Cassel, is the national director of Vaccination Liberation Organization.
Harkins and Cassel were at the forefront of protecting people against drug industry corruption and risky vaccinations when Harkins was murdered with a dose of radiation, according to Cassel. The couple was befriended by suspects under investigation, including the one Harle argued was the murderer.
Horowitz, who dedicated his film, PHARMAWHORES, as a memorial to Harkins' life and friendship, has now been framed in Harle's murder.
Investigative journalist, Sherri Kane, who wrote for Fox News in Los Angeles, is also being vigorously libeled and physically threatened after reporting on Dr. Horowitz's framers in Harle's murder case. Kane is receiving threats from two persons identified among this network of disinformants–Timothy Patrick White, and a man named “Dr. True Ott”–that she is posting on her Latest Threats page in her blog.
Timothy White similarly harassed ex-CIA agent Barbara Hartwell, who reported,
“White made a deal with criminal government operatives and law enforcement personnel, for a get-out-of-jail-free card in 2002. . . . [He] seeks out any and every high profile whistleblower, patriot or investigator he hears about, reads about, or otherwise learns about.”
Since his release from prison, White has been involved in covert operations ranging from severe harassment, and issuing false murder charges, to discrediting whistle-blowers, Hartwell reports.
Harle reported death threats from the Bush-Cheney/Rockefeller-directed CIA, days before his murder. Horowitz says he is “very clear” his libelers, linked through White to the CIA, have set him up to be killed as well.
White was made a suspect by