Took a few pics the last few days and even got around to uploading a few.   We take LOTS of pictures and it’s really nice to be able to go through the pics in winter or next year to see what we grew where and how well the plants did.  You can click on the pictures for larger images.

The garden beds

We just planted the bed in the front with some peppers and melons and the other beds have more peppers, egg plants, squash, melons and of course LOTS of tomatoes.
The beds also have radishes, green onions, basil and “miscellaneous” plants.

I recently started to transplant the sweet annies out to the fence as some are already over a foot tall AND the mice don’t eat them – there’s no reason to keep them in the caged beds.  Still struggling with daily damage in the uncaged areas.
We have two raised block beds attached to the garage.

The bed on the north side:

6/27/10 Northern salad bed

We recently reseeded and I planted some more New Zealand spinach:

6/27/10 kale, lettuce, arugula …

Transplanted mixed salads from our “salad box” in the greenhouse and it took a while to get going.

Then “something” ate most of the greens and we quickly built a hardware cloth-covered frame.   It’s amazing that Anna’s lettuce came back, there was NOTHING left.

6/27/10 dill and various mustards

We tried “squarefoot gardening” in the left half. Somehow it seems like there’s mostly mustard.  But that’s ok, we do enjoy mustard a lot.

The bed on the south side:

6/28/10 Southern salad bed

Had to thin the carrots and those little ones were tasty.

Right after I took the picture Jose moved the adobe bricks off.  We used them to raise the frame since we had tall flowering mustard, but we just got done with the mustard and we did a lot of clearing in this bed.

One time “something else” did some clearing for us despite the cover and we lost some lettuce and daikon radishes. I’ve seen a grasshopper in there once and currently a little lizard lives in this bed. I like lizards, they eat bugs.  But I think they also eat fruit and plants.

In the future we’ll use 1/4″ mesh.

6/27/10 carrots, radishes, beets, spinach, orach, garlic, onions, chives, basil, strawberries …

I recently read that strawberries don’t like onions and that might explain why they’re not producing much.  We plan on a strawberry bed “sometime”, have some more growing from seed in the greenhouse.

In both beds some of the kale and the lower mustard leaves had aphids, wish we had more ladybugs.