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I looked at the Home Depot ad (landscape lumber is $1.98 again) and saw their ad for 1 gallon hibiscus.
I LOVE hibiscus tea and did some web searches to see how it does here.  First I learned that there is a TROPICAL hibiscus definitely not suited for the desert.  Presumably, that's not what's sold in Kingman.
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span style=”font-family: arial”>Hibiscus sabdariffa is suitable for tea.
The next search got me to Roselle (plant) at Wiki. Lots of interesting info.
Here it is at wellbutrin buy Horizon Herbs:

Hibiscus (Roselle) (Hibiscus sabdariffa)             (Hibiscus Flores, Flor de Jamaica, Red Drops )
Family: Malvaceae
Tropical perennial grown as an annual in temperate climates.  The papery blooms give way to the bright red, fleshy calyces, which may be made into jelly, syrup or wine.  Dried, the calyces are widely used in herbal teas, imparting a bright red color and a tart flavor.  The dried leaves are also good in tea.  Medicinal uses are myriad, ranging from tummy ache to tuberculosis.  The plant prefers full sun and fertile, fast-draining soils.  The seeds should be started early in the greenhouse and transplanted out after frost.  We found these to be a very reasonable crop for our mountainous and temperate zone 6.  The calyces developed early on squat plants and we had plenty of time to dry a store for later use.
30 seeds/pkt $3.95, Organic

I was hoping for perennials by the garden fence.  Maybe we'll try some next year.  I'm sure we can overwinter tropical hibiscus in our new greenhouse.

The garden and salad beds

Took a few pics the last few days and even got around to uploading a few.   We take LOTS of pictures and it's really nice to be able to go through the pics in winter or next year to see what we grew where and how well the plants did.  You can click on the pictures for larger images.

The garden beds

We just planted the bed in the front with some peppers and melons and the other beds have more peppers, egg plants, squash, melons and of course LOTS of tomatoes.
The beds also have radishes, green onions, basil and “miscellaneous” plants.  I recently started to transplant the sweet annies out to the fence as some are already over a foot tall AND the mice don't eat them – there's no reason to keep them in the caged beds.  Still struggling with daily damage in the uncaged areas.
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Radiation in everyday life: toothpaste, cosmetics, …

George Knapp linked this fascinating page at C2C last night:
11 Ways We Used Radiation in Everyday Life
From radioactive toothpaste and cosmetics to “scientific shoe fitting”:

By 1950, these machines were recognized as dangerous, but they were only gradually


Most regulators FAILED to take action and just as now, corporate profits were more important than safety.
It's up to us, the PEOPLE, to stop purchasing toxic and GM food AND to support legislation prohibiting the use of toxins in foods.
Growing your own food is a good start, but it won't stop the impact of toxins on the entire world, resulting in enormous expenses for medical care (and of course many premature deaths), pollution of our drinking water, air, soil …
Even if you don't care about other people, the toxins are in your air, in your water and in your soil.