The pallet board garden fence

We happened to get a bunch of free pallet boards last week, right after we fenced the new garden area with stucco wire.   So we decided to build a little fence to protect the plants from the South wind that blows all summer.

You can see that we painted only the bottom part with linseed oil because we didn’t have enough oil.  We had a few  4x4s to use for gate posts and to stabilize the fence. Now we’re almost out of boards.  If we got another load, we could finish the “inside” part of the fencing.

We got these two office chairs at the Safeway recycling area a few weeks ago and it was great to be able to sit down for a few minutes and take a break as the sun was setting.

In the back is our three sisters growing area.  We got horse manure and lots of “black bush” dirt, twigs and roots from our hill and we screened the native soil.   Today Jose set the blocks and then I filled them with mud so they’re stable and keep the soil and plants warm (and cool in summer).  It was a lot of work and hopefully the sisters appreciate it!

You can barely see the apple tree we planted in front of the sisters, it’s just starting to grow.

We still don’t know where to put the juniper, so I transplanted it into a bigger pot last Sunday.

As soon as the first fence panel was up, I realized that we could plant vines, beans, squash, grapes and all kinds of plants inside the fence.  They’ll be protected from the fierce South wind and we’ll put some hardware cloth cages over them until they are established.  The fence should be rabbit-proof, but of course won’t keep out squirrels, lizards, mice and kangaroo rats.

We have to get some more black bush dirt and screen more of the local soil for the fence plantings.

Inside we painted the pallet boards with linseed oil to the top of the stucco wire before we put up the fence panels as it would be really hard to paint later and we had just enough linseed oil.

The fence braces are a bit funky, but it’s a TEMPORARY fence as our camper is inside the garden area. We also didn’t set the posts in concrete, just rock and dirt.

And I’m very glad we finally got a gate.  It’s a miracle we didn’t fall over the stucco wire fence when we planted the fruit trees and it sucked not being able to bring the wheelbarrow in and out.

According to the moon calendar, Friday and Saturday are good to plant above ground annuals and the corn is definitely ready to go out.  I’m so excited about our new garden!

Other news

The timing was PERFECT, just as we got done planting all the trees it SNOWED. It melted by evening, but it was great to get badly needed moisture.

The dogs LOVED the snow and played outside all day.

We THOUGHT that this is Mormon Tea, but several neighbors told us that it’s not, but don’t have an id yet.  They smell really intense, a bit like citrus.

A few weeks ago we got some gravel for the grey water system.   We ordered some sodium bentonite (clay) in Vegas to water-proof it some more.  We planted a California pepper on each side of the dirt mount on the left and will plant “something” on the hill once we’re done with the new garden.

We transplanted some garlic from pots to the Southern bed and it’s amazing to see how the roots grow straight through bio char.

We got dirt from the bed on the north side where we grew corn, squash and other veggies last year.  Fortunately we screened the soil, because we found a bunch of these nasty grubs.

On our way to Dolan Springs we followed this water hauler for a while.  Sad.


Last year we got the Horizon Herbs basil collection and we finally planted seeds in winter.  We’ve been growing their holy basil all summer and still have some going, too. These pics are from February, been so busy.

This is the sweet lettuce leaf basil and it tastes a little like anise, which I don’t particularly like, but I sure like this basil.

The Thai basil is finally growing, took a long time to sprout.

This is the Genovese basil and it grows like crazy.  Also tastes a little like anise and many leaves are over two inches long.

This is the Greek basil.  It’s about 5 – 6 ” tall now.

There was also African basil and Mtule basil seeds that we had almost given up on, but they’re finally sprouting.

Planting trees

The fruit trees are in the new garden area on top, except for the dwarf peach I’ve had in a pot for a couple years and we planted it on the hill before we fenced the new garden.  This is a picture taken today, it just started flowering.

We bought trees at Tony’s in Golden Valley a couple weeks ago: Peach, pear, apple, pomegranate and a pecan tree.

Jose dug large holes.

I got “black bush dirt” and black bush roots and branches, straw, we still had a little cow manure and had just made some terra preta (well, we tried).  We were so busy planting, didn’t even take pics of the fruit trees.  I’ll update once they’re flowering.

This is a holly oak we got at the Home Depot for $4.  We also got 3 African sumacs and 3 California peppers.  They were all about 7 ft tall, but still in a tiny 1 gallon pot.  The poor things were really root bound.  Hopefully they’ll grow.  At $4 a piece, it’s a great deal.

We took a  long time to decide where to plant the pecan and finally chose a spot at the bottom of the lot because there’s a lot less caliche.  Behind it to the left you can see the stake for one of the African sumacs.

We got done just before the SNOW last week, excellent timing.