Month: March 2010

Other news

The timing was PERFECT, just as we got done planting all the trees it SNOWED. It melted by evening, but it was great to get badly needed moisture. The dogs LOVED the snow and played outside all day. We THOUGHT that this is Mormon Tea, but several neighbors told us that it’s not, but don’t …

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Last year we got the Horizon Herbs basil collection and we finally planted seeds in winter.  We’ve been growing their holy basil all summer and still have some going, too. These pics are from February, been so busy. This is the sweet lettuce leaf basil and it tastes a little like anise, which I don’t particularly …

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Planting trees

The fruit trees are in the new garden area on top, except for the dwarf peach I’ve had in a pot for a couple years and we planted it on the hill before we fenced the new garden.  This is a picture taken today, it just started flowering. We bought trees at Tony’s in Golden …

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