Beautiful garage doors: —$4-8K Home Depot – no wood doors

Home Depot

Unfortunately, I was unable to get a quote.  The morons at Home Depot told me I needed to pay $50 for a “site inspection.” When I told them that I haven’t even poured the slab yet, they told me that I needed to build the garage first, then order the $50 estimate to get a price, order and leave the garage OPEN until the door gets there.

And that’s after I wasted well over an HOUR at the Clopay and Home Depot websites, trying to follow links that didn’t work, finally calling and having the first person disconnect me, having to call the god damned automated system again to somehow get to an operator who then refused to give me the direct “confidential” number for garage doors and finally transferring me to an apparent mentally challenged person instead of the “supervisor” I had requested.

If they took their heads out of their asses for a few minutes their brains might start working again.

There is NO way that I’ll pay $50 to get a price and I’ll definitely try to order my door prior to building so that I know that the opening will fit the door and that the door is ready to be in stalled ASAP.

Unfortunately, the Home Depot is the only reseller I could find for my area.

URL submitted at and at the Home Depot site for comments.