Pueble SacBe and Playa Systems

Pueble SacBe Ecology

This site interested me especially since I want to relocate somewhere South of the border.  An interesting community, but I don’t think my kind of climate.  Please let me know if you have any info on similar communities in the highlands anywhere from Mexico to South America.

For power, they link to Playa Systems with a description and pricing for a range of off grid systems.

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  1. hello, I thought that your group was a community but maybe i’m mistaken. I swore that got some information from you guys previously but cannot find it. If you are a community forming and accepting members I would really love to hear back from you. I just stumbled upon this other community by the St. Johns, AZ area and thought I would share…. http://tribes.tribe.net/crystaltriplemoontribe all the gardening info posted on the group is very helpful and I love seein gthe pictures of your progress on the land. Have a great weekend..

    With love and light,
    we WILL change the world,

  2. Tressure, I sent you an email after you posted here, but I haven’t heard back from you.

    You wrote through IC.org a few months ago, and maybe you didn’t get our response then?

    And I wish we had time to do some touring of nearby communities like the one you posted, it looks very interesting.

    Anyway, please check you spam folder, don’t know why you don’t receive our emails.

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