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Video: "The World According to Monsanto"

We watched this great 2-hr documentary today,

FREE on Google. It is truly incredible to see how corrupt so many of our governments are.

And I sure admire the scientists who ruined their careers because they refused to follow Monsanto's orders and decided to publish the TRUTH. At the very least we can do our part pill price propecia and refuse to purchase GMOs.

Video: Unnatural Selection – the dangers of GM food and animals

We watched the first part of the series by DENKmal, a German film company. They drive home the point that pollution didn’t use to be so bad. Eventually it dissipated, it was diluted and no longer harmful.

Genetically modified organisms MULTIPLY instead of being diluted or dissipating.

Canadian organic farmers’ canola is polluted with neighboring GM canola despite the buffer zone due to high winds. The new genetically modified salmon will probably exterminate salmon as we know it. Continue Reading