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The SPAMMERS at Permaculture Design Training / Regenerative Leadership Institute threaten me with lawsuit

So many Permaculture Design Courses (PDC) are nothing but money making ventures for opportunists.   Because of this, I didn't care for permaculture until I discovered Geoff Lawton at

Geoff's video GREENING THE DESERT instantly turned me into a permie. I know good people when I see their work.

I also know SPAMMERS when I see their SPAM.

On 11/26/12 philipjhonson553 spammed my Yahoo group with an ad for Permaculture Design Training. I posted to the group several questions about this OVERPRICED course containing FALSE advertising.

Instead of answers, I got another SPAM from Permaculture Design Training for a free ebook.

I tried to get the book at their site, they got my email address and I got nothing. Their SPAMS and my followup post with questions about their false advertising are posted in their entirety below.

The SPAMMER's profile did not exist when I checked today — typical for SPAMMERS.

Today I received this email from Vladislav Davidzon :


Please understand that we will definitely respond to such posting with a lawsuit given the nature of the libelous claims you're making.

Please consider this e-mail a formal demand for $10,000 in damages for the previous claims made. We are prepared to settle this matter in full if you agree not to make any further statements against our corporation and retract all claims made previously. Continue Reading